Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Mark Sanford for President: Integrity and Aptitude and Electability.
By: draftmarksanford4president

The 2004 elections are scarcely off the lips and minds of the more informed of the populace, and the New Year is not here, yet the minds of many have already turned to 2008, where the figure of Hillary Clinton looms large on the horizon, to the Republicans a socialist specter and the Democrats a saving seraph come to redeem their party from oblivion. Already, the wretched partisans of the GOP have begun the drumbeat for the coronation of John McCain or Rudy Guiliani, the only men, they assure us, who have a prayer of beating Hillary. Coming in a close third, Jeb Bush can easily visualize himself as the third Bush to take his seat in the Oval Office. These are the men, the party hacks claim, alone can beat Clinton. Yet, let us consider these two men closer, in the light of sound, learned, reason.
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