Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sanford Arizona Trip Fuels Talk Of 2008 Candidacy

From the South Carolina's Columbia State newspaper:
Sanford was in Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday. He gave a speech to the
Goldwater Institute, a conservative think tank, Tuesday night. Sanford raised
money for his 2006 re-election while he was there.
It is Sanford’s second major event in a key state in as many months. In
September, supporters held a fund-raiser for Sanford in Ohio, another key
presidential battleground state. The event was sponsored in part by the
Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

The vote in Ohio swung the 2004 election to President Bush over U.S.
Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. Arizona is a bastion of conservatism that plays a major
role in selecting the GOP nominee.

Sanford also visited Iowa in July as part of a National Governors
Association conference. Iowa is traditionally the first state to select a
party’s presidential nominee.
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