Thursday, October 13, 2005

South Carolina State: Sanford-For-President Talk Still Has Legs

South Carolina State: Sanford-For-President Talk Still Has Legs:

Gov. Mark Sanford says he doesn’t have his sights set on the White House,
but hardly anyone believes him.

"This guy is serious about running for president," says Clemson
University political scientist Dave Woodard.

Talk of a possible Sanford 2008 presidential bid dominated the state’s
political rumor mill for months. The governor spiked that speculation with an
August appearance on WRHI’s popular morning radio talk show in Rock Hill.
One of the reasons Sanford is getting national attention is that he is seen
as a true fiscal conservative, unlike President Bush, who is not.

"They see someone like Mark Sanford, and this is what they thought Bush
was going to be," Huffmon says.

"A lot of stars are in alignment for his national exposure. He's good
looking; he's got a good pedigree, and he is a martyr for the cause. There are
probably a lot of people salivating over building a campaign around him."
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