Monday, December 12, 2005

Sanford "Absolutely" Rules Out 2008 Whitehouse Bid

According to a new story in the Columbia State, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has "absolutely" ruled out a 2008 Whitehouse bid.

"Sanford has said in the past that he was not planning to run for the White House, but he always had left the door cracked for a possible bid. His name has been mentioned by political observers handicapping the early, early race for the GOP nomination," writes the State. "That will not happen, Sanford said, and he plans to be South Carolina’s governor until 2011, should he be sworn in again in January 2007."

In his own words, Sanford says, "Should I get re-elected, I absolutely am serving all four years, because we just have some huge issues here in South Carolina that are just an immense challenge."
Monday, December 05, 2005

Sanford to push for protection against eminent domain


(Aiken) December 5, 2005 - Governor Mark Sanford was in Aiken on Monday to emphasize the need for strengthening the state's eminent domain laws in the wake of a recently-defeated local TIF proposal.
Earlier this year, the governor vetoed S.97 because of his concern that it expanded eminent domain powers at the expense of private property rights. That same bill was almost used to create a TIF district that gave benefits to private developers.
Governor Sanford said that issue, combined with the recent US Supreme Court decision, Kelo v. City of New London, Connecticut, have illustrated the need for stronger eminent domain protections in our state, and that he will work with leaders in the General Assembly to promote that legislation in the coming year

Washington Times Mentions Sanford In New GOP 2008 Story

The Washington Times mentions Mark Sanford in a new story on potential 2008 GOP presidential candidates:
"Trust in government -- and that means lack of public trust in Republicans
-- and the Iraq war are the top concerns of the Republicans at this meeting, and
back home," said South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, a former three-term
congressman who is well-liked by conservatives.
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